August 8th, 2010:

The "" domain name has been purchased and building of this new site has commenced. Look for updates daily, as we will be working very hard to improve this site and better serve our community. Thanks go out to Doc205 of ODA 205 for the generous finacial donation that allowed the domain to be purchased. This site is being hosted courtesy of Direct Action Gear.


August 10th, 2010:

The new forum is now fully operational and already in use! We will be continually trying to improve the site, but the forum is ready to rock & roll.

September 19th, 2010:

With a successful fielding of most TCA membership to OPN JUST REVENGE last weekend, we are pleased to announce that we have new teams and thier representatives that we will be welcoming to our community shortly. Among them are the Woodland Mercs and The Wolfpack Platoon. As we get the names of thier Council Representatives and other info fleshed out, we will be happily adding them to the ever growing list of teams and organizations and vendors who make Third Coast Airsoft what it is: A GREAT place for airsoft.

January 15th, 2011:

"First the Victoria Paintball field offered a lot of Surprises and obstacles. In time and with a lot of Airsofting events it can really be a great field. The Owner is very open and reseptive also.

The Third Coast Guys DOC and SAL really put on a impressive show against the Odds. Seems rain follows with every event. But the skys cleared up off and on and really only issues where the Mud. event was well planned and organized with the 90 that showed up to play from all over San Antonio, South Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Austin, Corpus and Houston Area. Thanks to all that made the trip despite the weather issues. Tattoo thanks for the food preperation also.

Hit calling was going very good until the last few minutes of the game. At which time a few choose to go Roque in distances also. Admins where quick to deal with it. Mission Objectives where well thought out and Commanders well planned in movement. Understandable about the Zombie attacks the shooting Zombies could be a hard force to deal with. The Non shooting Zombies moved just as well.

Over all a Great game and without alot of the issues of past games. Looking forward to future ones. And Church not to be mean. But if anyone got his performance on Video it need to be in the Event Trailer for future event. Cant wait to see some of the Pics.